Saturday, 28 December 2013

December 28th 2013

Well, I'm sat here warm and cosy under a new fluffy blanket, glancing up occasionally to see Neil lumbering about the garden purposefully in his Wellies. He discovered a bubbling spring earlier, just where the Unicorn Lawn foots the field, a cause of great excitement and future thinking. Why by this time next year it will be diverted to fill the Moon Burn (crescent pond) and top up garden ponds... we may even be bottling it and supplying it to pilgrims at the gate! The springs are certainly coursing; full spirited after the recent exceptionally stormy weather. The wind is still in high spirits, roaring like the ocean, pushing tides of cloud across the sky, revealing the softest blue beyond.  

...still day dreaming of our time away, no it's more than that, I think I'm still clinging to sleep, longing not to wake up completely, and I'm not just referring to the 'jet lag!' Who knew sleep could be so grasping! Why, I'll just be sat here quietly when the next minute, it's an hour later and I realise that sleep came and snatched me away, it's more like a secretly administered sedative shot than a snooze. But it's the daydreams I should focus on before they fade like rainbows. Our time away was 'such stuff as dreams are made of', it was truly magical. It's fascinating to see what is illuminated in my minds eye now, to appreciate what has abided with me most.

My Mind is like a kaleidoscope, so many memories like fragments of iridescent colour, constantly shifting and turning with my thoughts to create new reflections, new patterns. Day dreaming has never been so vibrant! Perhaps the best way to make these recollections, these transient daydreams more tangible and enduring is to pick out the colours one at a time and arrange the patterns into words.

The colour green; the verdant green of Kauai's lush mountainous wilderness from the sky. We hovered above it like a larger than life dragonfly, sweeping in to almost touch the mountainside, pulling away to scope in waterfalls and canyons...pulling out to skim across the sea and trace the Napali coastline. We touched down at the foot of a magnificent waterfall, inaccessible by foot. I felt the cold spring water of the plunge pool with my finger tips, it made my heart tingle. Others may have taken a helicopter ride, I took the 'dragonfly' and my spirits soared with it! The pattern in my minds eye freezes as I remember the omnipotence of this place, how the volcanic mountains towered above us, the power with which the water fell against the rock and plunged deep into the pool at our feet. The soft cool spray misting the air and as we stepped away. The timeless stillness. The deep forest and thickets we would never traverse and the secrets they held. I watched as a butterfly followed a light trapeze into the tree canopy. I longed to follow, but stepping just a few feet off the path, attempting to admire the pattern of the creatures wings my legs were scratched as if by way of caution; go no further on foot, imagination is the best vehicle from I'm still daydreaming it seems I left this place with a great gift, freely given for the purpose 'imaginings'.  

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