Monday, 20 January 2014

Frivolous pink Monday

A frivolous pink miniature cyclamen flowers beneath our silver birch tree every winter. Every year it gains a little more ground in it's battle with the lawn. Simple grass is ill matched against the sophisticated verdant green leaves of this cyclamen which push through the earth like the most exquisite heart shaped spades, establishing the plant well in advance of its dainty blooms. In bud the flowers look like little lipsticks, perfectly proportioned for fairy kind, thus I've somewhat whimsically come to know it as 'the fairy lipstick plant'. True, not as sophisticated as knowing it by its Latin name, but far more descriptive and surely therefore more apt. Little girls; both young in years and young at heart, that I introduce it too often instantly declare it their favourite plant! What girl isn't grateful of a little lippy on a wintry day!

I paused determinedly to enjoy these little lipstick flowers today, having just been assaulted by the declaration on BBC breakfast that this is 'Blue Monday'; the most miserable day of the year. I'm pleased to say that in doing so I successfully perished the the thought! Statisticians, chocolate marketeers and moody blue cure purveyors may indulge such nonsense but according to my patch on this earth it is in fact 'Frivolous Pink Monday'...and who needs an excuse to enjoy another square of chocolate any way! Surely declaring a day miserable can result in nothing good.

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